Here’s what to do to keep your J&L Tweed bag looking fabulous for years! 

If you’re shopping for a J&L Tweed bag, you clearly appreciate hand-quality, beautiful, durable accessories. Our modern tweeds are naturally water-resistant, as all good tweeds are. (But please don’t test the boundaries by jumping in the pool with it!) 

Although our bags are water resistant, some TLC is essential to keep your bag looking and feeling its very best.  If you really care about your favorite bag, you want to take those few extra minutes for its upkeep.

A few easy steps is all it takes:

  1. Blot any spills rather than rub. This creates less friction that can cause damage to the fabric. (This tip applies to your clothes and carpets, too!)
  2. Handwash tweed with gentle soap and water. Use a gentle solvent and wash by hand in cool water. Please do not machine wash.
  3. Always allow your bag to air dry naturally. While it’s tempting, do not hurry the process with a heat source.
  4. Choose a good quality brass or nickel cleaner for the fittings. Allow your fittings to age gracefully or polish as you wish! Depending on your tweed of choice, you may have brass or nickel fittings - but make sure any cleaner you use is meant for the right metal.
  5. Occasionally condition leather with a leather cream to keep it supple. Leather hardens over time, so keep it supple with a proper treatment.
  6. Store your bag in a dust bag or cotton pillowcase when you're not using it. When your bag isn’t out and about, store it in a safe place and protect it from dust bunnies and moths.
  7. Protect the interior of your larger bags from spills and smudges with a J&L Tweed makeup bag, Dopp kit, or coin purse – they are the perfect solution! Be sure to protect your bag’s interior, too! Don’t allow pens, makeup, hand sanitizer, and other daily must-haves to leave their mark. Coin purses, makeup bags, and pencil bags are the perfect solution. You can even keep them stylish (and matching, if you wish!) in J&L Tweed so they look great while doing their ‘job’. 

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Pretty easy care, right? Investing in a well-made bag made with a durable fabric that is easy to care for makes sense. It’s even better when you love how they look.