Discover our Tweed Origins

Did you know?

Tweed got its name purely by accident. One day a shop owner in London could not read the label on a package of tweel (the Scots form of twill). He thought the fabric was called Tweed after the River Tweed in Scotland.

Tweed as we know it today, rose in popular fashion, during Queen Victoria’s reign, becoming the outdoor wear of choice for aristocrats and royalty.

Before the Industrial Revolution, tweeds were also used for trade or barter, eventually becoming a form of currency amongst islanders; it wasn’t unusual for rents to be paid in lengths of the cloth.

Black Isle

The Black Isle, situated in the Scottish Highlands, is a stunning peninsula surrounded on three sides by the sea. The name is thought to derive from the Scots Gaelic eilean meaning ‘island’ and dubh meaning ‘black’; the latter most likely a reference to the dark fertile soil. Likewise, our bespoke Black Isle tweed takes inspiration directly from the land itself with its dark, rich tones.


Portmahomack is a small fishing village in Easter Ross, Scotland, with a rich history dating back to 800 AD. Inspired by the blues and greys of its charming harbour and beaches, Portmahomack is one of our most popular and versatile tweeds.

Links House

Our Links House tweed takes its name from the Scottish Manor Home of the same name in Dornoch, Scotland. The tweed pattern was initially created as the exclusive fabric for much of the Manor’s interior, and eventually made its way into wearables including scarves, backpacks, bags, and accessories.

Golspie Lovat

Golspie is a village in Sutherland deep in the Scottish Highlands. It lies in the shadow of Ben Bhraggie, a hill that founder Liz Warnock loves to hike.


Our Struie tweed was named after one of Scotland's breathtaking golf courses – the Struie course at Royal Dornoch.


The Tayne Tweed is named after the town of Tain – we prefer the original spelling. Tain is Scotland's oldest Royal Burgh, having been granted its first royal charter in 1066!


Inchberry is a tweed that was already named when founder Liz came across it during her travels in the Highlands; she liked the named so much that she kept it!

Dunrobin Red

Just one mile north of Golspie, you'll find the enchanting Dunrobin Castle, the inspiration for our bespoke Dunrobin Tweed Range.

Golspie Purple

Our Golspie tweed comes in four colorways and uses the same threads as our Dunrobin tweeds, just in a different pattern!