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Caring for Your J&L Tweed

If you’re shopping for a J&L Tweed bag, you clearly appreciate hand-quality, beautiful, durable accessories. Our modern tweeds are naturally water-resistant, as all good tweeds are. And to keep them looking and feeling their best, take a look at our 7 tips on how to care for your tweed.
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Woman holding luxurious, soft and stylish Scottish cashmere blanket, in the Links House Cashmere Wrap

4 Things to Know About Scottish Cashmere

Tweed is woven into the fabric of Scotland’s history, but cashmere - tweed’s famously luxurious cousin - also has a long history as a Scottish textile that benefits from being made in a nation of craftsmen. Made from goat’s wool instead of sheep’s wool, cashmere is supremely soft and durable but requires a more gentle hand in its production. Cashmere accessories are a timeless addition to any wardrobe.   This fabulous fabric is named after nomadic goats that inhabit the Kashmir region of northern India, Nepal, and the Himalayan mountains. These animals were particularly well adapted to the harsh winters with...

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Woman holding Gemma Handbag, in J&L Tweed's Black Isle tweed

Introducing the Gemma Handbag

Every addition to J&L Tweed’s product line feels special to us, because J&L Tweed is a labor of love for the craftsmanship and elegance of this beautiful Scottish textile. But the Gemma Handbag is extra special!
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Behind the scenes of Scottish tweed production

History of Tweed

We go over the rich history of tweed fabric, it's intricate fabrication process and how it quickly became a staple in modern fashion. Capture a high quality token of this history to add to your history.
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