The J&L Guide to Tweed and Cashmere

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At J&L Tweed, we're passionate about Scottish Tweed and Cashmere and we want to share our enthusiasm and knowledge with our amazing customers. Read on to find out more about our products, their history, how to care for them, and so much more!

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Caring for Your J&L Tweed

If you’re shopping for a J&L Tweed bag, you clearly appreciate beautiful, durable accessories. Our modern tweeds are naturally water-resistant, as all good tweeds are. To keep them looking and feeling their best, take a look at our 7 tips on how to care for your tweed.

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Shout Out to the Janie Backpack, Perfect for Any Season!

Shout Out to the Janie Backpack, Perfect for Any Season!

We know our Janie Backpack is perfect for your wardrobe - we love it and know you will too! Read on to find out more details about one of our favourite products. 

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Woman holding luxurious, soft and stylish Scottish cashmere blanket, in the Links House Cashmere Wrap

4 Things to Know About Scottish Cashmere

Tweed is woven into the fabric of Scotland’s history, but cashmere - tweed’s famously luxurious cousin - also has a long history as a Scottish textile that benefits from being made in a nation of craftsmen. 

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Tweed versus Tartan

The Difference Between Tweed and Tartan

Learning the difference between tweed and tartan will earn you a nod of distinction among fans of both fashion and Scottish history. 

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Behind the scenes of Scottish tweed production

History of Tweed

We go over the rich history of tweed fabric, it's intricate fabrication process and how it quickly became a staple in modern fashion. Capture a high quality token of this history to add to your history.

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