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The Hanna Weekender Bag (small 15")

The Hanna Weekender Bag (small 15")

The Hanna Weekender Bag (small 15")

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Manufactured of the finest, hardwearing stain-resistant Tweed including hand-sown robust leather handles.

This bag is made for the stylish traveller. You’ll find it spacious enough to carry along all of your overnight essentials and hand-crafted from vibrant bespoke J&L Tweeds. Manufactured of the finest, hardwearing stain-resistant quality including hand-sown robust leather handles, steel zippers, internal pockets and color-coordinated linings. Our Weekenders come in two highly functional sizes and several exciting tweed patterns.


Weight approx. 0.75kg.


Each Item purchased includes a photo taken personally by Liz in the Highlands

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The Janie Backpack doubles as a fun weekend tote as well as traveling computer bag.  I love the unique tweed soft to the touch and good-looking

Jill King - Editor - Owner - Stylist The Jackson Hole Scout Guide

I use my J & L weekender since it is durable and just the right size to fit all I need for an overnight or two. I makes my get up feel more chic with a nod to Scotland and I love nodding to my heritage!!!


My wife loves J & L Tweed, so I went online to buy her a Christmas gift. Turns out she already owns one of everything!


I love J&L Tweed! The items are unique and are constructed of tweed fabric in gorgeous colors and patterns. I am complimented regularly on my great-looking J & L Tweed bags and accessories. Couldn’t recommend them more highly.


I love my J & L Tweed scarf. It dresses up my boring winter topcoat.


I gave all the ladies in my family your nesting bags and they loved the creative splashes of color with tassel and interiors but then the beautiful plaids and soft appealing wools were the biggest hit.  They also went on line to check out the product extensions and were impressed with the usable and au courant items.  Keep creating!